Morgan Motor

Autosport USA is proud to be an authorized Morgan motorcar distributor in the United States. The Morgan brand has a distinctive and long history of automaking, starting on May 1, 1905, when Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (also known as HFS) opened his factory in the city of Malvern, the UK where it still remains today. On May 1, 1909, the first motoring car was created by Morgan. The three-wheeler, aka, The Icon which was the genesis of what today is the currently known as the “Three-wheeler”.

Morgan then went on to design and produce 4 wheeled vehicles such as the 4/4, Plus 4, Plus 8, Roadster and the Aero 8 and the centenary celebration of Morgan realized in the Supersport. The current vehicles that are being produced are evolutions to the Plus 4, Plus 8 and Aero’s but still built by hand with Ash wood framing and aluminum body development, much in the same style and fashion as was previously done.